De Vikingen hebben op Zuid Groenland zo hun sporen achter gelaten. Hiervan hebben we het nodige gezien:

Hvalsey Church

Vikingnederzetting Brattahlid


Historical info

There are Viking ruins scattered throughout South Greenland. The first Vikings to arrive on the island were Eric the Red and his crew in the year 985 AD. Eric the Red called his farm Brattahlid, which is commonly thought to be located in the present-day village of Qassiarsuk, just across the fjord from Narsarsuaq.

The Vikings converted from Norse mythology to Christianity, and the first church in the New World was build in Brattahlid. As the new religion took hold, a cathedral was built at Gardar (present-day Igaliku), where ruins are still visible today.

The Vikings came at just the right time. Temperatures in Greenland were higher then they are today, and the land was unoccupied. They built homesteads where the countryside was most fertile, and raised livestock. The last written evidence of the Norse in Greenland was a wedding held in Hvalsey Church in 1408, near present-day Qaqortoq. No one has ever been able to establish what actually happened to the Norse. It remains one of the great mysteries of the Artic.